Thinkersmith has had such a wonderful response to our Traveling Circuits curriculum, that other organizations have started asking to include it into their programs.

Since our ultimate goal is to help get creative computer science into the hands of all people at all age groups, we would like to honor these requests, while making sure that the integrity of the program is maintained.

In order to keep the spirit of our methods, we’re working on a three-stage plan that we hope will be as well-received as our original lessons.

1) Package our curriculum in a form that can be used by all.
2) Create a training series for instructors.
3) Create a certification process for those who train instructors.

We are currently working hard to fund this project so that our nation’s children can benefit.

Download sample lessons here:

In the meantime, we’re developing an exciting series of unplugged lessons that will be integrated with the 20 Hrs of Code series from Feel free to play with all of those at no charge!

Once you’re done there, mosey on over to for even more options.

If you’d like to participate in the creation of more innovative computer science lessons, you can send a check or money order to:

P.O. Box 42186
Eugene, OR 97404

or make a quick & easy donation now: